No Media Kings
Based in Toronto, Canada

Founding date:
February 2000


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25 years of indie media makin', from books, to films, to games.


Early history

Jim Munroe started publishing zines in the late eighties in Toronto's DIY and punk scene, and later worked for Adbusters as a managing editor in the mid-nineties. His first novel was published by HarperCollins but he was uncomfortable with the Murdoch-owned corporate model, so he published his second book independently via his own imprint No Media Kings. Originally named in dishonour of Rupert, he's continued to use the imprint to explore indie culture making as a way to resist monoculture and create a sustainable artist-driven practice across many mediums and with many collaborators.

Games History

Munroe's first game was the text adventure Punk Points, for the IFComp in 2000. Since then he's worked on a dozen more games, including Everybody Dies (a collaboration with graphic novelist Michael Cho), political game Pipe Trouble (with Pop Sandbox), Guilded Youth (with Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime's Matt Hammill) and the IndieCade Grand Jury winner and Sundance selection Unmanned (with Molleindustria). While doing a two year stint as a games journalist for the weekly paper Eye, he made the 2003 proto-machinima piece My Trip to Liberty City. He's also known as a co-founder and executive director of the Hand Eye Society, a videogame arts organization.



Unmanned Gameplay YouTube, Vimeo

My Trip to Liberty City YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "IndieCade Grand Jury Award" - Los Angeles, Oct. 2012
  • "Sundance Frontiers Selection" - Park City, 2012

Selected Articles

  • "Munroe is a fantastic writer in many media (novels, games, films and comics)"
    - Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing
  • "[Jim Munroe is a] pop culture provocateur"
    - Austin Chronicle,
  • "Jim Munroe has written the first novel to harness the energy, idealism, and cartoon-inspired playfulness of the new wave of culture jammers. It’s about time we have some superheroes to save us after the post-irony meltdown — forces of corporate darkness, beware."
    - Naomi Klein,

Hand Eye Society
A videogame arts organization in Toronto, Canada. http://handeyesociety.com.

Other No Media Kings Products
His novels and movies. nomediakings.org.

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Jim Munroe

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